Values, Mission & Vision

It’s always hard to sum up an entire enterprise in a few words, but here are some of our core values, our mission, and our vision at “The Bridge”.

Our Values Include:

  • Strong, Intelligent, Biblical Teaching
  • Fearless Teach-N-Talk Conversation
  • Short Meaningful Contemporary Worship
  • Family-Integrated Services that include Youth
  • Fun, Encouraging Experiences for Children
  • Radical Welcoming Hospitality
  • Focused Emphasis on Building Manly Men
  • Vibrant Relational Culture and Community

Our Mission: We are Bridge-builders who long to bring together:

  • God and People,
  • Head and Heart,
  • Grace and Truth.

As you know, because our sin splits and separates, it’s so easy to live distant, detached lives. To combat and counter that, we value journeying together in a loving family of faith where we can reconnect, renew, and restore life the way it was intended to be—healthy, happy and whole.

Our Vision: We desire to build bridges in a way that is:

  • Gospel-loving,
  • Bible-believing,
  • Christ-centered,
  • Spirit-empowered, and
  • Relationship-focused.