Our Pastor and Leadership Team

The Bridge is a come-as-you-are community of everyday, real folks governed by a team of servant leaders and led by our hometown pastor–Dave White.

Since graduating from Hart High and UCLA, Dave has invested his life serving others through a number of enterprises.

  • Dave brings the leadership experience that comes from being an NCAA Lead Basketball Referee, CEO, Business Owner, and Founder of his own non-profit.
  • He brings the cultural wisdom that comes from traveling 60 countries of the world, living in four nations, being an International Life Coach, and earning a Ph.D.
  • He brings spiritual insights that come from years as a Missionary, Recovery Counselor, Hospital Chaplain, Christian University Teacher, and Pastoral Shepherd.
  • He brings the relational warmth that comes from being happily married 30 years, enjoying five grown kids, playing with his Dachshund puppies Bo and Blu, and journeying with a band of loyal friends.

Dave’s one of us–a friendly, normal, approachable guy. He loves skimming good books, watching historical documentaries, working out at the gym, and following the Olympic movement.

We think Dave is the best teacher in our valley—smart, practical, and inspiring. Come join our fellowship and make our entire team even better.